Isolate Yourself

Practicing on your own allows for fewer distractions

isolated practiceIn my honest opinion, far too many good amateurs who head to the range for a solid practice session do so with intent but poor application.

They head down to the range with their mate, find a spot where they feel comfortable, but fall into the trap of being too lonely and therefore require their mates beside them to keep the chatter going.

Not only is this distracting, but also proves to be extremely counter productive as the intensity and concentration levels diminish.

For aspiring professionals out there; come to terms with the fact that life on tour can be an extremely lonely one! One that requires high levels of self motivation and determination to be successful – Being able to spend quality practice time, alone, on very specific elements of one’s game is vital to ensure that those practice sessions produce the desired results.

Spending time on the range just bashing away at balls can not only be a waste of your time but, by not practicing specifics, with specialist drills and training aids, you run the risk of creating poor habits.

Exactly the same thought process can be used for those players out there who don’t enjoy playing a round on their own. Once again playing with mates can be too social and provide distractions more than anything else. Instead of immersing yourself in your own game, gaining as much knowledge about yourself, the course you are playing and even implementing tactics and strategy – it’s far too easy to have a little side bet going on, where the concentration shifts from self, to that of beating your mates. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for meaningful competition but, by spending quality alone time on your own game the benefits when you are in a competitive setting will be significant!


Make sure your practice sessions are smart, not necessarily long.

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